API Name: Expense__c

An expense is any type of costs that a company incurs to do business. Typically, it represents an incoming invoice. The expense holds all relevant information about the payable costs, such as amount, payee, IBAN.

Label API Name Type Description
Expense Name Name AutoNumber
Account Account__c Lookup(Account) The account that is associated with the expense. Can be a supplier or any other type of creditor.
Due Date DueDate__c Date The date by which the expense must be paid.
Gross Amount GrossAmount__c SUM(ExpenseItem__c.GrossAmount__c) The total gross amount of the expense including taxes.
Net Amount NetAmount__c SUM(ExpenseItem__c.NetAmount__c) The total net amount of the expense before taxes.
Open Amount OpenAmount__c Currency(16, 2) The difference between gross amount and paid amount. An expense is considered paid when the open amount is zero.
Paid Amount PaidAmount__c Currency(16, 2) The amount that has been paid to settle the expense.
Payee BIC PayeeBIC__c Text(11) The payment recipient's BIC to which the cost must be paid.
Payee IBAN PayeeIBAN__c Text(34) The payment recipient's IBAN to which the cost must be paid.
Payee Name PayeeName__c Text(255) The payment recipient - the name of the the person or organization to whom the cost must be paid.
Payment Date PaymentDate__c Date The date on which the payment for this expense has been completed.
Payment Method PaymentMethod__c Picklist The payment method used to pay the expense.
Picklist values: Bank Transfer, Cash, Online Payment, SEPA Direct Debit Core, SEPA Direct Debit B2B
Payment Reference PaymentReference__c Text(255) Specifies the reference to be used for payments. Will show up on a bank statement.
Receipt Date ReceiptDate__c Date The effective date of the expense origin (for example, the incoming invoice date).
Receipt No. ReceiptNo__c Text(255) The unique identifier of the expense origin, specified by the payee (for example, the incoming invoice number).
Registered Date RegisteredDate__c Date The date on which the expense has been registered by the payer.
Reporting Category ReportingCategory__c Picklist A user-definable grouping attribute used to cluster expenses. Typical values include, for example, Rent, Tax Counseling, Marketing, Education.
Picklist values: Default
Status Status__c Picklist Indicates the lifecycle state of the expense from the receipt to the payment. Allows to track future expenses for reporting purposes.
Picklist values: Planned, Accrued, Approved, Paid, Unapproved, Canceled
Summary Summary__c Text(255) A meaningful name or short description of the expense, summarizing its contents.
Tax Amount TaxAmount__c SUM(ExpenseItem__c.TaxAmount__c) The total tax amount of the expense.