Basware Status

API Name: BaswareStatus__c

The Basware Status object is used internally for sending invoices through the Basware Network

Label API Name Type Description
Basware Status No. Name AutoNumber
Invoice UUID BumId__c Text The invoice UUID is used as a fallback BUMID to retain backwards compatibility.
Business Document Identifier (BUMID) BusinessDocumentId__c Text(36) Basware Unique Message Identifier. The bumid is used to identify the invoice.
File References FileReferences__c LongTextArea(32768) Contains a JSON encoded string that maps Basware file-references to salesforce attachment ids.
Invoice Invoice__c MasterDetail(Invoice__c) The invoice to which this Basware status is associated.
Is Latest IsLatest__c Checkbox Flags the latest status record for this particular item.
Last Error LastError__c LongTextArea(32768) Contains the last error which occurred during the upload.
Notification Action Code NotificationActionCode__c Text(255) A more detailed information about a business documents processing status.
Notification Delivery Means Code NotificationDeliveryMeansCode__c Text(255) The delivery channel of a business document.
Notification Description NotificationDescription__c LongTextArea(4096) The description of the last notification.
Notification Response Code NotificationResponseCode__c Text(255) The delivery status of a business document.
Status Status__c Picklist The Basware send status of the invoice.
Picklist values: Unsent, Files Sent, Finished, File Error, Invoice Error