API Name: Balance__c

The balance object is used to track invoices, credits, payments, refunds etc. for invoices and for accounts. The invoice balance holds information about the grand total amount of a particular invoice, whereas the account balance sums up all balances of an account.

Label API Name Type Description
# Name AutoNumber
Account Account__c MasterDetail(Account) Specifies the account to which this balance is associated.
Amount Amount__c Currency(16, 2) Shows the balance sum. A positive amount is considered a debt, and a negative amount is considered a credit.
Applied Tax Rule AppliedTaxRule__c Text(255) The tax rule identified as applicable for this balance.
Balance Assignment Key BalanceAssignmentKey__c Text(255)
Bank Account Id BankAccountId__c Text(255) When working with banks, this is the IBAN. When working with PSPs, this is another, internal ID.
Clearing Reason ClearingReason__c Picklist The reason why the balance has been cleared.
Picklist values: Discount
Conversion Rate ConversionRate__c Number(12, 6) The currency conversion rate for the original amount of the payment entry.
Date Date__c Date Shows the effective date of the balance.
Draft Draft__c Checkbox Draft balances are ignored in all business processes. Use the "Fix Balances" API to register them. This field should always be false and only set during a process.
Dunning Dunning__c Lookup(Dunning__c) Shows the related dunning in case of a dunning fee balance.
Invoice Is Finalized InvoiceIsFinalized__c Checkbox Signals wheter the linked invoice has been finalized.
Invoice Invoice__c Lookup(Invoice__c) Shows the invoice to which this balance is assigned. An invoice is considered paid/settled if the sum of all assigned balances is 0.
IsPrepaid IsPrepaid__c Checkbox Is set automatically if the balance was creating from PP-Fields during finalize
Locked Reason LockedReason__c Picklist The reason why this balance has been locked.
Picklist values: Refund via payment provider, SEPA Export, Chargeback via payment provider, Statute of limitations
Locked Locked__c Checkbox Locked balances are excluded from certain business processes like assignment to invoices during the invoice run.
No Auto Assignment NoAutoAssignment__c Checkbox If checked, this balance is not automatically assigned to new invoices during the invoice run.
Origin Origin__c Text(255) The source of the balance creation, used to control further processing. Do not edit!
Original Amount OriginalAmount__c Number(13, 5) The original amount of the payment entry before the currency conversion.
Original Currency Code OriginalCurrencyCode__c Text(3) The original currency code of the payment entry before the currency conversion.
Payment Entry PaymentEntry__c Lookup(PaymentEntry__c) The Payment Entry which was used to create this Balance.
Payment Fee Hash PaymentFeeHash__c Text(64) Used for balance export - do not edit!
Payment Hash PaymentHash__c Text(64) Used for balance export - do not edit!
Payment Instrument PaymentInstrument__c Lookup(PaymentInstrument__c) The payment instrument which has been used to capture this balance.
Payment Method PaymentMethod__c Picklist Specifies the payment method (like Credit Card, Direct Debit, Bank Transfer, Cash) for balance records that represent a payment or refund.
Picklist values: Credit Card, Direct Debit, Bank Transfer, Cash
Payment Provider PaymentProvider__c Picklist Specifies the payment provider (like Paymill, Paypal, Wirecard) for balance records that represent a payment or refund.
Picklist values: Paymill, Paypal, Wirecard, Stripe
Provider Fee ProviderFee__c Currency(16, 2) Charges incurred when paying through a payment service provider.
Reference Reference__c Text(255) Specifies additional information related to the payment (like customer ID, transaction number) for a bank statement as well as for matching the payment entry with balances and invoices.
Related Balance RelatedBalance__c Lookup(Balance__c) Shows the related balance of a matching balance pair, like the original balance after a balance split.
Related Invoice Type RelatedInvoiceType__c Text
Related Invoice RelatedInvoice__c Lookup(Invoice__c) Shows the related invoice for the settlement or the proforma invoice process.
Sepa Validation Error SepaValidationError__c Text(255) Contains a list of SEPA-related fields that are not valid and prevent the balance from being exported as SEPA XML.
Subscription Subscription__c Lookup(Subscription__c) If a subscription is set, the balance will only be assigned to invoices of this subscription.
Tax Amount TaxAmount__c Currency(16, 2) The tax amount for this balance.
Tax Code TaxCode__c Text(255) The tax code of the applied tax rule.
Tax Rate TaxRate__c Percent(3, 5) The tax rate that applies to this balance as defined via tax rules. Can be overwritten manually.
Business Entity Tenant__c Text(255) The business entity to which the balance relates.
Transaction No. TransactionNo__c Text(255) The transaction number as retrieved from the payment provider.
Type Type__c Picklist Specifies the type of the balance.
Picklist values: Payment, Refund, Prepayment, Payout, Clearing, Dunning Income, Chargeback, Chargeback Fee
Write Off Reason WriteOffReason__c Picklist The reason why the balance has been written off.
Picklist values: Payment threshold, Invoice threshold, Manual write-off, Payment for written-off invoice, Statute of limitations