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Concept Begriff Description
account Account Standard Salesforce object for customers, see Accounts
account statement Kontoauszug Specific type of the dunning object, represents a report that summarizes the balances of a given account for a specific time period
account statement run Kontoauszugslauf JustOn operation that creates account statements based on the balances of an account
accounts receivable Forderungsmanagement Group of processes and mechanisms in JustOn for tracking and managing payment requests
balance Saldo JustOn object for tracking debits and credits for each account (invoices, credits, payments, refunds and others)
billing Billing Group of processes and mechanisms in JustOn for managing and collecting information about products and services to be billed
dunning Mahnung JustOn object for the dunning notification as created per account with a dunning run
dunning run Mahnlauf JustOn operation that creates dunning notifications based on the open invoices of an account
generic invoice run generischer Rechnungslauf JustOn operation for generating invoices from any accordingly configured objects, bypassing the subscription
invoice Rechnung JustOn object for the documented payment request as created per account with an invoice run
invoice criterion Rechnungskriterium Condition for distributing the invoice line items to multiple invoices
invoice line item Rechnungsposten JustOn object for a single billed product as included in an invoice
invoice run Rechnungslauf JustOn operation that creates invoices based on the products, their prices and, if applicable, any transactions as defined in the subscription, or based on an accordingly configured objects or an opportunity
invoicing Fakturierung Group of processes and mechanisms in JustOn for generating invoices
installment Zahlplan JustOn object that represents a staged payment plan set up for an invoice
item Posten JustOn object for a product that is to be billed as part of a subscription
ON field ON-Feld JustOn custom field used to copy specific values to subscriptions and items/invoices and invoice line items during subscription building, opportunity billing and invoice runs
opportunity Opportunity Standard Salesforce object for potential and closed deals, see Opportunities
opportunity billing Opportunity-Abrechnung JustOn mechanism for generating invoices from opportunities, bypassing the subscription
organization Organisation Segregated instance of Salesforce with a defined set of licensed users, represents the virtual workspace that includes all data and applications of an individual business
payment Zahlung JustOn object for a single installment payment as part of an installment payment plan
payment entry Zahlungseintrag JustOn object for a registered payment operation intended to meet an open invoice amount
price book Preisbuch Standard Salesforce object for a list of products and their assigned prices, see Manage Price Books
product Produkt Standard Salesforce object for physical items and services to be sold, see Products Concepts
record Datensatz Single instance of an object, that is, one of multiple accounts, subscriptions, items, etc., see What's in a Database
settlement Ausgleich JustOn mechanism for offsetting non-related invoices and credits of an account
subscription Fakturierungsplan JustOn object that represents the billing plan for the contracted chargeable consumption of products and/or services
tax detail Steuerposition JustOn object that stores the individual tax information of an invoice line item for one of multiple applicable taxes
template Vorlage Layout model for generating a PDF copy of an invoice in JustOn
tenant Mandant JustOn object that represents a company or company subdivision and that can hold billing-relevant information to be used when creating invoices
transaction Transaktion JustOn object for chargeable usage data
transaction criterion Transaktionskriterium Condition for aggregating transactions to create a single invoice line item
usage data billing Verbrauchsdatenabrechnung JustOn mechanism for generating invoices from custom objects that represent product consumptions (volume or traffic data, service coverage, etc.)